Sunday, May 15, 2005

The tree in the forest

Well, here goes...Paula has gone and got herself a blog.

I'm already doubting what I've done. I've never been successful at keeping a journal, so why should this be any different? Why should I think that I have anything to say, or that anyone wants to hear it?

I used to wonder whether many forms of publication are just means of patting onesself on the head. But then I realized that a story (or an idea, or even a painting) becomes more meaningful when it is shared. Food eaten in secret is not nearly as taste-full as a meal shared with friends, even if the meat and vegetables are exactly the same. As difficult as it may be to hold up a drawing for the world to see, it has so much more possibility than when it is safely locked in a drawer.

So this is it. These are my ideas and stories and paintings and photographs on display in hopes that they will become better when they are shared than when I keep them to myself. They are my flowers in the window for anyone who wants to shamelessly stand on tiptoes and peer into the house. Welcome.

And finally, when "his and hers blogs" become all the rage, at least I'll know that I jumped on the bandwagon fairly early on.